(Material: sponge, resin cotton, non-woven fabric)
Use three-stage frameless partitions, high quality high carbon steel spring, design according to the principle of human body engineering, in accordance with the characteristics of the “S” spine, the waist part of the mattress is relatively hard, head, shoulder and hip parts are relatively soft, make the mattress completely fit the physiological curve of human body during sleep, suitable for  0-12 years old children who have bad sitting posture, often hunch back for a long time to play computer or do homework, let the back recover through the three-stage frameless partitions of Daniels during sleep, use sleep time to rectify children’ lumbar spine, avoid scoliosis, kyphosis and adult spinal disease. The combination of the characteristics of various kinds of cotton, guarantee the mattress has the characteristics of antibacterial, anti-mite, moisture absorption, noise reduction, breathable, soft and skin-touch, build the optimal sleep system for the children, correct back at the same time can easily enter deep sleep.

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